On what basis are hotels starred?

Do you know which hotels ranked or starred on the basis of the Dana News Agency (Dana News)? Do you know what a 5 star hotel and a 2 star hotel are?

In this report, you notice the difference between 5-star hotels and other hotels, and you know what the star rating is based on.

Initially, the hotel rating was determined on the basis of what kind of services the customer requested and how much he expected from the hotel. Perhaps this category was a form of advertising for hotels, and hotels made a difference in their work, but what is certain is the degree of hotel rating based on its stars, the definition of the type and variety of its services.



There are 30 ways to rank hotels in the world

Director General of the Office of Centers and Tourism Services in this regard told Dana’s correspondent: According to hotel reviews, there are 30 ways to rank hotels in the world, although in the international identification system, the hotel star is considered, but some countries The system itself identifies other identifiers, most notably the star system of one to five that is common in most European countries, the alphabetical system is common in Greece, A, B, C, and The hotel stars are also graded according to the letters, such as the four-star A, Crown system that is common in the UK.

Ali Lotfi continues: For example, in Germany, the rating of hotels is divided into several categories: tourist class (one star), class standard (two stars), comfort class (three stars, first class) And Luxury Class (five stars). A number of hotels, such as hotel apartments, motels, etc … do not fit in the star category at all, and they are rated in a different way.

He continues: In conversational conversations and trip memories it is said that, for example, a three star hotel in this country like a five star hotel in our country or a photo. The fact is that, according to the standards that are defined, this heterogeneity of stars in different countries can be easily observed, according to the famous proverbs of many of these stars are non-standard and in a friendly manner, and a formal star that represents quality. it’s rare.

Pointing out that what has been proven to be that there are never two five-star hotels in a city like this, he says: this is a heterogeneity in terms of the number of rooms, the shape of corridors, the number of halls and restaurants, etc. Clarity is seen. The location of the hotel is also important. Some of the five-star hotels in the traditional and historic context of the city and the other hotel on the outskirts of the city.

He states that there are a number of predefined criteria and criteria for different stars, and which criteria are preferable to them, and it is unlikely that an organization for prioritizing these heterogeneous hotels is unlikely to be standardized.

Lotfi continues: The higher the hotel star, the more advanced technology and services it is, according to the popular name of the day, for example, there was nothing like the Internet until a few years ago, but today, with the simplest information with the Internet It is a component of the hotel with high-end Internet cafes or the five-star hotel must have several storefronts that are required by the traveler.

He recalls: In the evaluation of hotels, three general points are rated: construction and facilities, location of the hotel, issues related to the type and level of service and the services and equipment (the quantity and quality of service available at the hotel) , Management issues, manpower and training.

The Director General of the Bureau of Centers and Tourism Affairs believes that the difference in the standards of service depends on the organization of that hotel, which is at the top of its standard service. For example, the staff group is very experienced and trained in a five star hotel. What’s important is keeping the problem of the most comfortable customer in a hotel that is not easy.

Iran standards to give a star to a hotel

This is the responsibility of the Heritage Organization in response to what standards there are in order to provide stars to the hotels in the country. The standards observed in hotels have a foreign reference and are native to Iran and these minimum standards are observed in many countries of the region. .

Referring to the fact that our standards do not differ in global standards, he says: “In countries that have made significant advances in the hotel industry, the minimum requirements for the customer in different sectors are at a higher level, and it is important to comply with the standard, More monitoring helped this.

Lotfi recalls: The star and grade of hotels are determined by the quality of services, suitable equipment, personnel training, observance of sanitary requirements, spaces, facilities and facilities, as well as food, and obviously any deficiencies in the areas mentioned in the hotel It can be effective in reducing hotel rates.

The director of affairs of centers and tourism services of the Cultural Heritage Organization emphasizes: according to legal regulations, grading of hotels after passing the evaluation process is carried out by the factors of the implementation of technical standards and obtaining the necessary points and approval of the provincial grading commission.

In completing this report, it’s best to get to know the hotel standards.

2 star hotels:

Regular and harmonious cleaning and decorations are the requirements of these hotels, and providing a double star rating requires some and not all of the following:

Very good home, charming decoration and the presence of color television in all rooms, high quality furniture, a restaurant serving every meal, room service, an inbuilt hotel with adequate capacity, beds of a larger size and more, service Nice and beautiful bathroom, enough shelves, recreational facilities, towels and soap, trained personnel and Landry and Roman service.

3 star hotels:

The 3 star hotel services are fully provided and properly managed, this type of hotel has a beautiful view and extensive facilities. Providing a three star rating requires some and not all of the following:

Superior housekeeping and maintenance, Large entrance hall with attractive design, 24-hour reception area, large and comfortable rooms, no noise with enough light and living space with attractive decorations and decorations, quality furniture, centralized ventilation system Air and heating system, high quality furnished rooms with excellent mattresses, thermostat, temperature control, beautiful bathroom service, some of them with high quality cosmetics, soaps and towels. Luxurious suites and spacious room service.

There are two telephone sets in the room, one next to the bed, the other in the bathroom or on the table, a swimming pool in or near the building, a wake up system, there are more than one restaurant in the hotel with the ability to provide service at any meal, room service , Entrance to the hotel with proper capacity, standard size beds, nice and beautiful bathroom service, adequate shelves, recreational facilities, towels and soap, trained personnel and Landry and Roman service. Other features of these hotels.

4 star hotels:

These hotels not only have to provide all the necessary services, but must also have identity. Enjoying the comfort and convenience of the guests is the main goal of the staff, they are trained, efficient, informed and polite. These hotels have a variety of facilities. Providing a four star rating requires some or all of the following:

Housekeeping and extraordinary maintenance of the hotel, room and green space, special design and building design, luxury entrance hall, very good furniture, public spaces, artwork, high quality carpets and fresh flowers, landscape of natural and wonderful environment Suitable space and attractive decoration for reception, very quick and efficient booking, committed staff with uniform uniforms, presence of concierge, expert management, excellent restaurant and dining equipment, excellent services to the rooms, large rooms with sufficient light and Suitable furniture, TV and decoration, decorated with artistic works, two telephones on the side of the bed Ray on the table, has comfortable mattresses and blankets, and large and ordinary beds, served twice daily in the rooms, a very clean bathroom with soap makeup and towels, a first aid box, a good mirror for fixing and makeup, a fridge in Inside, hand drying system, comfortable dressing for guests, smart lighting system in the bathroom and bedroom, and other facilities like transportation, free newspaper and recreational facilities for guests such as pools, saunas, playgrounds and special services. Such as the meeting room, the car park by the servant and …

5 star hotels:

This type of hotel is in the first place. The rules and standards of a five star hotel and its quality must always be kept constant.

Providing a five star rating requires some of the following:

Beautifully decorated, unique and continuous decoration, with more than 100 rooms, hall entrance, guest room, artwork public space, high quality furnished, very well-appointed reception room in sufficient and calm atmosphere, guarded and service 24 hours, trained and committed personnel, room decoration using artistic objects, 3 telephone (bedside table, on the table and in the bathroom), double room cleaning, modern and modern bathroom, restaurant Excellent cuisine and food service, attractive restaurant facilities, transportation service, shop and clothing store, fridge in the rooms with a variety of drinks. A.

The staff at the 5-star hotel, very well-dressed and fashionable, polite, well-informed, and public relations, are committed to meeting the needs of the guests and provide excellent service. With a professional and expert manager, compatibility and coordination of services, continued maintenance and flawless housekeeping are key components for maintaining a 5 star rating.

The most important thing about hotels and hotel apartments is that they “categorize hotels from one to five stars while welcoming guests, hotel guests and hotel apartments from one to three stars. In other words, the 3-star hotel in the 5-star hotel is the same, and these two types of residential centers are the best in terms of quality and service in their group.

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