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Mobarakeh tourist beach pardis hotel and the first hotel in the city are considered holy and is currently the only hotel in the city.

The hotel, which is located within 10 meters of the Zayanderod River is paradise lost, founded in 1384, was designed to start operations executive.

Pardis hotel while making the art of modern architecture designed and executed by finally opened on 25/5/1385 (25/august/2009) and was operated.

Pardis hotel is adjacent to the historic buildings registered in the Qajar period sarmly, cham campus landscape, Zayanderod River, rice paddy in nature, beautiful and quiet, away from urban noise pollution has been constructed.

Mobarakeh tourist beach pardis hotel guests the comfort and facilities for the sacred according the authenticity of ancient Islamic Iran in the hospitality has well in reaching this important step and satisfaction loved ones during their stay in the holy city attract industries.

Pardis hotel in a quiet environment and to avoid sound pollution and the urban hub with a double and three-bed rooms and facilities for guests to enjoy the best possible service in this hotel is done. To view the number of rooms and of rice fields to the zayanderod river that has beautiful nature has for guests.

Address Pardis Hotel

Isfahan / Mobarakeh
Ismail Tarkhān / Next to the ZayandehRood River.

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1000 5246 31 98+
1020 5246 31 98+